Riviera manufactures its products in its headquarters in Genoa and markets them all over the world.

1. Orders: only written orders sent by e-mail are accepted; the order must show the reference code of the articles, the description and the quantity of the same. Orders of less than € 200 net are not accepted.

Orders will be processed according to the availability of the moment. Any order balances will be shipped, unless otherwise advised by the customer, as soon as possible or together with a new order.

The delivery date indicated in the order confirmation must be considered as indicative.  In case of delays Riviera will inform the customer of the difficulty and will endeavor to minimize the consequent inconvenience.

2. Terms of payment: The terms of payment will be defined by the sales office at the time of the order.

Invoices will be issued by the seller in accordance with the provisions of the order confirmation sent to the customer. The relative payment must be made in the manner and within the times indicated. In case of delay, the supplier reserves the right to apply interest in accordance with the law, pursuant to art. 1186 of the Italian Civil Code

3. Shipping: The goods are intended to be delivered ex Riviera warehouse (exw-incoterms Icc Paris 2010). The goods travel at the customer’s own risk, even if sold carriage paid. The risks relating to the products will pass to the buyer upon receipt of delivery by the person in charge of collection of the same, be it carrier or customer. The buyer must check the products supplied by Riviera upon arrival at their destination.

4. Returns and complaints: Any returns of goods must be authorized in advance by Riviera in writing and sent, carriage paid, to our warehouses no later than 30 days from the date of purchase, accompanied by DDT indicating the reason for the return. Returns received by us without our prior authorization will not be accepted. In case of any quality or quantity discrepancies, a complete and detailed report must be sent within eight days of receipt.

Claims for replacements will not be accepted after 8 days from delivery of the goods.

Warranty terms: Riviera products enjoy the terms of the legal guarantee for manufacturing conformity defects. Therefore, no other form of guarantee, explicit or implicit, is recognized other than the repair or replacement of the defective product. Therefore, any claim for compensation for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from manufacturing defects of the products as well as those deriving from the non-use of the goods intended for them is excluded. Any guarantee and liability for improper or particular uses of the product, not expressly detailed and specified in the negotiation, is also excluded.

5. Jurisdiction: The Genoa court is competent for any controversy.

N.B. The above conditions of sale are understood to be fully and unconditionally accepted with the issuance of the written order.