Customer satisfaction is our main goal. For this reason, we rely on qualified suppliers and evaluate the requests of buyers, helping them to choose the most appropriate product for their needs and following them in the after-sales phase, with online and telephone support.

Living the sea, begins with the design and assembly of products, processes that respect our quality management system.

We focus on innovation to keep our products up to date, in terms of technology, construction material and reliability.

Astra compass is the latest addition to the Riviera, designed by the research and development office to meet the needs of the shipyards, who want to optimize the space in the bridge and take advantage of unused surfaces such as the ceiling of the boats.

The operating mechanism of the Astra compass, is based on a double-cardan system that allows pitching and rolling, the double-axis system of the rose instead makes it stable reading, without the need for balancing, regardless of the magnetic areas

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