Riviera Srl Genoa was formed in 1976, from the intuition to manufacture (first in the world) magnetic compasses for pleasure and commercial boats entirely made of plastic and today is a recognised leading industry for the  leisure marine worldwide whether you sail offshore or stay near the coast.

The compasses and most of its different components  are made in Italy  in a purpose built factory located in Genoa in partnership with its sister company Isolanplast, which has more than 60 years of experience in the moulding of plastics.

The expertise gained in years of new product research and development have led Riviera to supply high performance products , always maintaining the seafaring tradition of simplicity and practicality.

Riviera Srl are fully approved to ISO 9001:2015 for design and production of compasses, antimagnetic speakers and electric, mechanical and hydraulic steering systems.

Riviera magnetic compasses offer a series of essential features as:

– outstanding legibility of the card

– magnetic compensation

– reliable performance whatever the weather conditions

– repair service of any damaged compass part.

Other accessories and spares manufactured by RIVIERA Srl :

  • Mechanical steering system with related transmission cables
  • Out-board and In-board hydraulic steering systems
  • Electro pneumatic levers suitable for any type  of engines
  • Single lever and two lever top mount controls
  • Steering wheels
  • Engine control cables
  • Waterproof non-magnetic speakers
  • Fuel hose
  • Fuel pumps and outboard engine connectors
  • Fuel thanks
  • Security stop keys for outboard engines

This series of items is designed, produced and marketed by Riviera srl ​​Genoa, which guarantees its quality and reliability over time.