Riviera srl ​​Genova to best meet the needs of its customers, offers assistance service on all its products.

For any administrative, commercial or technical information you can contact us at the following telephone numbers:

Tel +39 010 83 55 286
Fax   +39 010 83 56 309

from 08.00 to 12.00 and from 1pm to 5pm
Monday through Friday

Or at the following email addresses:

CEO:Luca Cocino
email: cocino@rivieragenova.it
Commercial and Marketing
Luca Canessa
email: canessa@rivieragenova.it
Purchasing and Sales
Alberto Bisio
email: bisio@rivieragenova.it
Technical and Planning
Massimiliano Turelli
email: turelli@rivieragenova.it
Quality Office: Tiziana Murgia
email: murgia@rivieragenova.it
Technical Assistance
Compasses / Audio System:
Roberto Vinciguerra
email: vinciguerra@rivieragenova.it
Technical Assistance
Steering System:
Orvieto Andrea
email: orvieto@rivieragenova.it
Administration:Sabina Tonissi
email: tonissi@rivieragenova.it
Press Office:Andrea Bergamini
email: info@rivieragenova.it