Our products are designed, manufactured and marketed by Riviera Genoa Ltd. guarantees the quality and reliability due to its very flexible production system thereby allowing control of the production of every single detail.
All products are checked and tested at our factory to have the guarantee of certain proper operation even when using extreme and durability. Everything is controlled by the Quality Management System, compliant with the standard
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

According to the ministerial decree (decree for safety equipment for boats over six miles), Riviera has been approved by the Ministry of Transport and Navigation, for the Urania 4″ compasses, with decree approving the prototype (DAP) n. 588/200 and for White Star bushings with DAP 587/200.

Regarding lifesaving’s boats and emergency’s vessels in according to the directive 96/98 CE an following changes, Riviera’s compasses Artica 2 e 3/4″, Zenit 3″, Polare 3 and 4″, Urania 4″ and White Star 5 and 6″ can be certificate with MED. Furthemore Riviera’s compasses Urania 4″, White Star 5 and 6″ can be certificate like RINA approval type for fishing and merchants vessels GT < 150.

Our certifications: