Compasses Serie White Star 6''

- Apparent diameter: 6" (-150 mm)
- Internal gimbal
- Built-in compensation
- Standard 24 V lighting (12 V on request)
- Anti-glare screen
- Repairability
- R.I.NA. certification on request
- Black card 5°, 2° or 1° graduation

1. Under ministerial decree (Decree for safety equipment for boats out six miles) Riviera has been approved by Ministry of Transport and Navigation for compasses White Star 6" with DAP 586/2000 .

2. MED Certification. In according to the directive 96/98 CE and followingchanges, regarding lifeboats and rescue boats

3. RINA type approval certificate for merchant ships and fishing vessels of less than 150 GT

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B6W4 B6W2
B6W1 B6W3