Audio Systems

The new line of Riviera's loud speakers wants to transfer the acoustic emotion of a HiFi system in the marine environment, dedicating the users a line of specific products,
which guarantees the very best sound efficiency in order to create conditions with great sound effectiveness to your ship.
The loud speakers of high level customized in their components and connected both to the due lodgement on the ship and connected to a special box giving life
to an acoustic furnishing.
To obtain a better performance of our products of sound diffusion, we are able to plan systems and provide fittings ad hoc in order to better reply to the client's requirements
customizing the system..

Speakers serie 100

Speakers serie 130

Speakers serie 165

Speakers serie 87


For this reason the new line is presented with a series of specific components and it is assigned for a precise kind of use.
The grids in ABS, which resist high temperatures and sunlight rays, preserve unaltered the beauty of the acoustic diffusers for the time being.
The treatment carried out on all material prevents the formation of rust and consequently the deterioration of the same diffusor.
For those who like the right alliance between HiFi and the space available, Our Technical Office is able to plan and realize customized plants aimed at the environment the users want to create.
Subwoofer with strong power and sharpness in low tonality represents the natural completion of one's HiFi system for first-rate listening also during navigation.
This is also suggested in a rectangular box in order to supplement the furnishing.