The Riviera srl ​​Genova products are present in shipbuilding, both for pleasure and for work. The Certifications and Approvals obtained from products and its Quality System, are the confirmation of the Riviera’s constant work searching for quality and reliability in its production.

The magnetic compass, an indispensable tool for both coastal and offshore navigation, produced by Riviera srl Genova offers a series of requirements that are of fundamental importance such as the ease reading of the graduated rose, magnetic compensation and maintenance of performance in variable climatic conditions, repairability of any part may be damaged. The production of Riviera srl ​​Genova consists, in addition to the aforementioned magnetic compasses, of a series of nautical accessories such as:

  • mechanical steering systems with relative control cables
  • hydraulic steering systems for outboard and inboard engines
  • single and bi-lever
  • non-magnetic and waterproof speakers
  • steering wheels
  • engine control cables
  • fuel connectors
  • hand primer and accessories for outboard engines
  • security stop keys for outboard engines

This series of articles are designed and produced by Riviera, which guarantees them quality and reliability over time.


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